Festivals and Events

About the Regional Festivals

"Art does not flourish in isolation. It grows in an atmosphere of candor and sharing. By attending festivals RDA member companies gain a wider perspective about their current level and their potential for progress.

The festivals are essentially performing events each hosted by an individual company or region which draws upon the resources of the local community. Each spring the process begins when nationally recognized adjudicators tour the regions to select works by participating companies and arrange festival programs. Each company receives a written report about its own offerings as well as those of the other members. For those in isolated communities where there is no informed dance press, the adjudication reports are especially valuable.

The culmination of the season is the festival where the dancers perform and take classes while the directors and board members share ideas and network. Tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships are awarded at each festival to dancers for study at prestigious summer programs. Additionally, major professional companies, colleges and universities scout for their future talent.

A National Festival is held every four or five years, bringing together all member companies for five days of classes and performances. National Festivals serve to further the national identity of RDA and its member companies. They also help to bring an even greater perspective, inspiring the growth and development of the dancers, choreographers, directors, companies and the national organization as a whole."- RDA

Festival Overview
The Festival is the year's grand finale.  Each year in the spring member companies meet at a host city and spend four days sharing all aspects of the art of dance. 

Classes are held in ballet, jazz, pointe, character, modern and pas de deux.  Seminars are held on theatrical make-up, nutrition, dance injury prevention, musicality, and other dance related subjects taught by professionals in their fields.

Performances are held each evening, showcasing the member companies and giving them the chance to show the growth they have achieved throughout the year.  An impartial adjudicator, renowned in the field of dance, selects the works.  Through the adjudication process, Artistic Directors are given constructive criticism by the adjudicator which is designed to help maintain the high standards of Regional Dance and promote the further growth and development of the companies, directors and dancers.

Advertising & Sponsorship

Regional Dance America will be holding five regional festivals in 2016.  We want you to be a part of them!

Being a part of Regional Dance America’s festivals will give your business:

  • ACCESS to nearly three thousand highly trained, extremely dedicated pre-professional dancers
  • EXPOSURE to a select group of renowned dance educators
  • VISIBILITY to thousands more dance enthusiasts
  • INCLUSION in a national marketing and advertising campaign
How You Can Participate 

There are many ways for your business to participate. We offer:
  • advertising opportunities
  • brochure and product placement
  • vendor/display space
  • numerous sponsorship opportunities at all levels
We invite you to explore the many options you have for participation in these high-profile dance events by downloading an Advertising & Sponsorship Packet.  We look forward to having you be a part of the Regional Dance America Festivals in 2016.

Regional Festival 2018
Regional Dance America/ Pacific's 2018 festival will be held in Spokane, WA, April 10th - 13th.

Previous Annual Festivals

National Festival 2017
National Festival 2017 was held in Phoenix, Arizona at the Phoenix Convention Center, for five days from Tuesday – Saturday, May 2nd – 6th.  Over 80 companies performed, including more than 1,800 ballet students from across the country.

Regional Festival 2016
Regional Festival 2016 was held in Phoenix, Arizona.  22 member companies performed.

Regional Festival 2015 | Celebrating 50 Years!
Regional Dance America/ Pacific's 2015 festival was held in Sacramento, California Sunday, May 10th - Wednesday, May 13th, 2015. Angelo Lemmo was the adjudicator.

Regional Festival 2014
Regional Dance America/Pacific's 2014 festival was held in Spokane at the Spokane Convention Center Tuesday, April 29th - Friday, May 2nd, 2014.  Deborah Hadley was the adjudicator and each of the twenty member companies performed.

Regional Festival 2013
Regional Dance America/Pacific's 2013 festival was held in Phoenix at the beautiful Orpheum Theatre on May 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Rosine Bena was the adjudicator and artistic director for the festival and each of the seventeen member companies performed. Master teachers at the festival included Tatiana Tchernova, Nicholas Ade, Alaine Haubert, and Larissa Pnomarenko.

Previous Festival Souvenir Programs


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